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We've been anxious to show everyone our new home. Here's a few photos to get you started!

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This is the view from our apartment looking mauka (toward the mountains) and north

Here's a double rainbow - look close! We're looking mauka and northeast, where most of the trade showers come from.

This is the same double rainbow, looking across the windward sky.

This is the view from our apartment looking windward (which, in the tropics, is east)

This is looking southeast, toward Diamond Head.  For some reason, the picture makes it look quite a bit smaller than it actually appears.

Now we're looking southwest toward Ala Moana, in the evening.  Pretty sky!

Maureen has continued her Jackson tradition of working on her green thumb!

Here's another snapshot of her plants, as well as her new bicycle that helps her get to work!

This is a view of Diamond Head at night. It is a picture taken from the hotel we stayed at for a month.

Here you can see Diamond Head and  the area in the lower left is the Honolulu Zoo. It's also from the hotel.

This is the view of Waikiki Beach that we had while were in the hotel.

Here you can see Diamond Head with a rainbow - needless to say, we've see lots of those since arriving!

Shark's Cove...

doesn't have sharks...

but it great for snorkeling!

Bob at Shark's cove

Mo at Shark's cove

This look familar to anyone?

Another lovely view of Diamond Head

Hanauma Bay view

Another view of the bay

Yet another view of the bay

Bob and Mo at Hanauma Bay

More pictures of our Hawaiian paradise are on the way - keep checking back!

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