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This is the wall of fire from the Midland Airsho '99

One of my hobbies is volunteering with the Commemorative Air Force to help set up and shoot pyrotechnics at airshows. I am a member of the CAF and serve in two units. One is called the Blastards, and the other is the CAF's Explosive Ordnance Detachment unit. These fine people help put on the fiery ground displays you might have seen at an airshow.

Most people have a lot of preconceived notions about what they're going to see at airshows. There are tons of things to see and do at airshows. Most shows have more than just aerobatic flying. More than likely you'll learn something about our nation's history and those that gave their lives for our freedom.

You might also get a chance to see some of our nation's finest defenders of freedom in action! Enough with the speech already!

CLICK HERE to get a taste of what you're missing...

...and CLICK HERE to see new pictures from the Brownsville 2002 airshow!

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